All through the development of the Plan it has been clear that there is strong community support for it. That support was tested in the Referendum on 24th July 2014 when a massive level of support for the Plan (98.2% of those who voted) was the best way of ensuring that developers and planners realise that we are serious about being in control of the future development of our town. Even though the Town Council promoted the development of the Plan it was not allowed to campaign for any particular result in the referendum. Bizarre but that’s the rules. So, Councillors (acting only in their capacity as residents) and members of the community  banded together to form this group to campaign for a YES vote on 24th July. You can find out more about the group here.  


Although the YES4Winslow Campaign Group achieved its objective of securing a YES vote in the Referendum it will keep going for the time being.  AVDC successfully fought off Gladman’s Judicial Review of the plan-making process in the High Court in London in December 2014 - Y4W supporters played their part by being there to show the judge how strong local feeling is in support of the Plan. Initially, Gladman sought to appeal that judgement in the Court of Appeal, but subsequently withdrew their appeal. The Campaign Group will be able to offer support to the Town Council in fighting off applications which are contrary to the Plan; for example, Gladman’s 3rd application to build 211 houses outside the Winslow Settlement Boundary at Glebe Farm. For further details go to our News section by clicking here.