Winslow Neighbourhood Plan (WNP) provides a blueprint for the development of Winslow over the next 15+ years. It has been developed by the Town Council and the community under powers given by The Government in the Localism Act 2011. The WNP has been through several stages of community involvement, consultation and examination, and most recently was the subject of a Community Referendum which took place on July 24th 2014. Winslow’s Plan is among the first in the country to get to this important stage. As a majority of those voting said Yes then the WNP will now become part of the Development Plan for Aylesbury Vale. All future housing development in Winslow will be guided by the policies in the WNP. You can see a summary of what the WNP offers here and the full plan here.





Without a development plan Winslow is at risk of speculative development on a massive scale. The town currently has just over 2,000 homes and the Plan allows for more than 600 new homes over the next 15+ years but there are developers who want to see Winslow more than double in size. There are currently applications either at appeal or under consideration which total more than 1,800 homes on top of those provided for in the Plan! Even more could follow. The Government have given communities the right to decide for themselves about future development and Winslow has taken up that offer. We believe that the community should decide our future not greedy speculative developers who know nothing about our community and care even less.