On Monday, Winslow Town Council received documents from a firm of solicitors working on behalf of Gladman Developments Ltd advising that on 22nd July there will be a hearing in the High Court in Manchester regarding Gladman seeking an Injunction to prevent the Winslow Neighbourhood Plan Referendum vote from proceeding on 24th July.

The legal challenge is addressed to Aylesbury Vale District Council as the authority responsible for progressing the Referendum and states as grounds, criticisms that the Examiner did not conduct the Examination Hearing fairly, that he failed to have due regard to various areas of planning regulations and that AVDC were at fault to accept the recommendation of the Examiner that the Winslow Neighbourhood Plan, with minor modifications, should proceed to Referendum.

AVDC will need to study the many hundreds of pages of documents pertaining to this matter but have confirmed that they will ‘fight’ this Injunction. In the meantime, Winslow residents have to assume that the Referendum will proceed. This is particularly important for those residents with postal votes. For those with postal votes, your ballot papers and reply envelopes will arrive very shortly, PLEASE PUT YOUR CROSS IN THE YES BOX and send the form back ASAP.