Just as we launched this website on Thursday afternoon (19th June) we received news that Gladman Developments have launched a legal challenge to try to prevent the Community Referendum taking place on 24th July.

Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC), who gave the go-ahead for the referendum, have been served with a 23 page ‘pre-action protocol letter’ on behalf of Gladman. The letter calls for AVDC to quash their decision to approve the Winslow Neighbourhood Plan (WNP) or face a High Court challenge.  Among the developer’s claims are the examiner ignored written submissions and limited oral submissions during the plan’s hearing and the hearing was not long enough ‘for any sensible consideration of the important and significant matters to be addressed.’ They also claim the hearing was not ‘full and fair.’

Chairman of the YES4Winslow campaign group, Llew Monger said: “This is not unexpected. It’s a cynical attempt to prevent the residents of Winslow having the opportunity to have their say on the Winslow Neighbourhood Plan. I don’t believe they can stop the Referendum but we will have to see how AVDC respond.  The same thing happened at Tattenhall, in Cheshire, but the Referendum went ahead and achieved a 96% Yes vote. This action by Gladman makes us all the more determined to secure the same kind of result here in Winslow’’

The fight is on and we need YOUR support! Go to Help Wanted! to find out what you can do for Winslow.