Furze Lane
Thanks to your support the number of objections to Bloor Homes' plans for the next tranche of housing alongside Furze Lane has reached the magic number of 50.  As a result of that we will now have the opportunity to speak to the relevant AVDC committee to try and influence their decision.

Glebe Farm 
The Inspector’s report following the appeal hearing has been sent to the Secretary of State for consideration and we understand that a decision should be issued by 15 January 2017.  Given that the Secretary of State has ruled against development in similar circumstances in Great Horwood we are hopeful of getting the news we want to hear.

Tomkins Park and Arboretum
Julian Tomkins will be the guest of honour for the official opening at 11.00 am on Saturday, 19 November and all residents are welcome to attend.  The park is already of course open to the public with two entrances - one alongside the cycle path in Greyhound Lane car park and the other on Elmfields Gate.

16/02768/AOP - Outline application for up to 65 dwellings at Buckingham Road Winslow
Crevichon Properties Ltd has applied to build 63 homes in between the new Sir Thomas Freemantle School and what will be Winslow Station.  This land is ear-marked in the Winslow Neighbourhood Plan (WNP) for employment use (business, general industrial and storage or distribution) and so the application directly conflicts with Policy 6 of the WNP. Whilst we'd like to think there's no chance of this being approved by AVDC, we can’t be certain.  

If you have 5 minutes to ping off a short email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. it would help to ensure that AVDC stand behind the WNP. 
Objections should be sent by 28 October 2016 please.

Verney Junction Garden Town
Some of you have already heard about a rather surprising, and very vague, proposal to build, in the first instance, 4,500 houses around Verney Junction, extending to a possible 13,000 houses over time. Winslow has about 2,000 homes so even initially it would be more than twice the size of Winslow and possibly ending up 6 times bigger than Winslow - and twice the size of Buckingham! At this stage it just seems as though it's a speculative shot trying to take advantage of the fact that AVDC has not yet identified sufficient land for building the 33,300 additional homes in the district as set out in VALP. We will of course be keeping an eye on how this pans out and are hoping it will get kicked into touch.