On 22 October 2015 AVDC Planners refused Gladman’s latest proposal under “officers’ delegated powers”. That came as a pleasant surprise, because recent planning decisions by AVDC had gone against communities with “made” Neighbourhood Plans (NPs) in Buckingham, Great Horwood and Haddenham – despite the proposed developments being in direct conflict with the NPs.

The reasons for refusal centred on the strength of “Landscape and Visual Assessment” issues
e.g. loss of agricultural land, intrinsic beauty of the countryside, rural character and appearance of the site, character and setting of the town.

Additionally, Gladman had reduced the “affordable dwellings” percentage from  35% (the minimum requirement in Policy 4 of the WNP) to 30% (the minimum requirement in the saved AVDLP). The Case Officer picked up on that, including it in the reasons for refusal – and, for good measure, added the conflict with the “20% minimum to be controlled by the Winslow Community Land Trust” requirement as an adverse social impact. It is reassuring that the Case Officer has used a number of the key policies in the WNP to support his decision; that shows the power of Neighbourhood Planning and we must be thankful that those who drew up the WNP did such a good job on our behalves.

For those of you who are interested in the detail, a copy of the decision letter may be viewed at


The Case Officer reported that 565 objections had been received and he summarised the main points made – many of which accorded with the reasons for refusal. It seems clear that those views, strongly expressed in large numbers, had a bearing on the decision.

While Glebe Farm may have directly affected only those residents on the SW side of Winslow, it is clear that the efforts of residents from across Winslow - and beyond - have been worth it; acting together we have, yet again, seen off a predatory developer.

Our current battle against Gladman is over – for the time being!

Realistically, we can’t expect Gladman to go away and they are likely to pursue other applications around Winslow.

Should that happen, we are sure we can rely on your help to show them that we will decide where houses should be built in Winslow.