We have just been informed by A.V.D.C. that  not only is Gladman no longer pursuing its judicial review proceedings against the Secretary of State’s  appeal decision on the Glebe Farm development, but also it has now withdrawn from the Court of Appeal proceedings against the legality of the Winslow Neighbourhood Plan (WNP).

That is very good news for the local community and the WNP and means that the WNP will have full force in the consideration of all future Planning Applications in our area.

A.V.D.C. will now be pursuing the costs of its legal expenses in defending those actions, where permitted – so let’s hope that Gladman will get heavily hit in its pocket!!

We are still awaiting sight of the formal document confirming Gladman’s withdrawal of its legal challenges, but once received the “partying” can really start!

Many thanks to all of you who have given us your support – practical, financial or emotional – it just shows that determined, organised, local resistance can triumph over the corporate muscle of companies such as Gladman.