The Appeal by Gladman into AVDC's refusal to grant planning permission was heard last year but the Secretary of State (S.o.S.), Eric Pickles, “recovered” the decision; that meant that the Planning Inspector made a recommended view but that the S.o.S. would make the final decision. The S.o.S. has agreed with the Inspector that the Appeal should be dismissed.  

While the S.o.S. noted the ongoing legal proceedings against the WNP he nevertheless decided that it would not be appropriate to delay the decision on this Planning Application. Basically the Appeal has been dismissed because “the adverse impacts would significantly and demonstrably outweigh” the benefits of the proposed additional housing – despite the fact that AVDC has been unable to demonstrate a “5 year housing land supply” figure.  He agreed that LHR formed “the most obvious and logical boundary” to Winslow and noted “the potential consequences in terms of coalescence with” Shipton. The S.o.S. recognised the importance of the Winslow Settlement Boundary (WSB) to the WNP and considered “that granting planning permission would undermine the spatial strategy” of the WNP; this represents strong support for the WNP itself.