Winslow residents filled two 16-seater buses as they travelled to the Royal Courts of Justice to hear the Judicial Review of the WNP plan-making process. Gladman hired Martin Kingston QC – perhaps the foremost planning barrister in the country - to plead their case. They split their claim into 6 separate grounds and need to prove only one of those grounds to get the WNP “quashed”. AVDCs barrister, Hereward Philpott – who has represented AVDC throughout Planning Inspections and the High Court Injunction hearing in Manchester – was able to draw on other relevant case law to try to refute Gladman’s claims. The judge, the Hon. Mr Justice Lewis, was pretty tough on both barristers, encouraging them to draw on “points of law” rather than to go over “old” planning judgement arguments.   

He is unlikely to publish his judgement of this very important case until after Xmas – so a nervous wait for Winslow residents.