AVDC Decision on 23 Station Road - 23/10/2014

Many thanks to all of you who took the time and trouble to write letters of objection to AVDC - over 90 were received which was a great achievement in the short time we had.

Councillors discussed the planning application at 23, Station Road for nearly two hours but, regrettably, concluded that no "substantial harm" would come to the Winslow Conservation Area from allowing the proposed development. Consequently, the Committee's split decision was to approve the application.

As you can perhaps imagine, the 15 or so Winslow residents who turned up in pink to the Council chamber were very disappointed at the Council's conclusion; it seems rather strange that the loss of nearly 100 trees - of which at least 4 have Tree Preservation Orders - and the erection of flat-roofed garages in a Victorian/Edwardian street scene do not rank as substantial harm to a Conservation Area.

The Committee was under pressure to allow the application as it had previously granted planning permission and this new application differed only in that it included some additional flat-roofed garages.  The worst offending of these, which would have been very visible in Station Road, has at least been taken out of the plans - probably due to the large number of objections received.

Another positive aspect of the case is that potential developers such as Gladman can not take any significant comfort from this decision, as the AVDC Councillors were at pains to point out that they were not going against the Winslow Neighbourhood Plan. A number of councillors stated that the policies of the WNP and AVDCLP were consistent and that their decision boiled down to a judgement as to what constituted "harm".  Obviously their overall judgement differed from that of many Winslow residents.

Once again, many thanks for all the efforts which have been put in by residents of Winslow - the next step is the Judicial Review of the WNP on 11/12 December in London.