Written objections needed by 21 October 2014

Another Threat to the Winslow Neighbourhood Plan – the 5th application for the development of 23 Station Road, which is in the Winslow Conservation Area.

In July this year, AVDC gave planning permission for a development of 10 houses in the Winslow Conservation Area at 23 Station Road, even though AVDC’s Historic Buildings Officer said that the development would harm the Conservation Area. The Winslow Neighbourhood Plan does not allow development that harms the Winslow Conservation Area and in planning law there is a presumption against giving permission to any development that harms a conservation area.

A legal challenge was launched by a neighbour which was successful. AVDC, on legal advice, decided not to defend the challenge and the planning permission is therefore in the process of being quashed. However, the developer has now submitted an almost identical application (but with an additional 5 flat-roofed garages, a double garage would front Station Road and be completely at odds with the Victorian street scene!). This time a different AVDC Historic Buildings Officer has indicated the development does not harm the Conservation Area!!
This means that AVDC will try to side-step the policy in the Winslow Neighbourhood Plan that would stop the development.

Winslow Town Council objected to the proposal because the planned development is not appropriate for the Conservation Area and is understandably angered by AVDC’s treatment of this application because it opens the door for other, bigger developers to argue that the Winslow Neighbourhood Plan is irrelevant because even AVDC don’t pay any attention to it.

If AVDC is going to be stopped from setting a precedent of ignoring the Winslow Neighbourhood Plan and encourage developers to do the same and build whatever they like, then Winslow residents need to object in large numbers to the current application at 23 Station Road. If you care about the future of development in Winslow, send an email by Tuesday 21st October to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. quoting reference “14/02382/APP” saying why you object to the proposed development. The things you could mention include:

- The development would harm the Conservation Area
- Flat-roofed garages are not in keeping with the architecture of the nearby Victorian buildings
- The development goes against Policy 5 in the Winslow Neighbourhood Plan
- The loss of 100 trees including 4 protected ones is unacceptable
- The planned new road junction will result in the loss of parking capacity on Station Road
- The existing house at 23 Station Road is an important historic building and its partial demolition is unacceptable
- The density of the new development is not in keeping with the pattern of development in the Conservation Area

Personalise the complaint note by mentioning those things you feel most strongly about, remembering to mention that the application is contrary to Policy 5 of the WNP. A note in your own words of a couple of short paragraphs will suffice but by all means write a longer objection if you wish. But remember, a short email is better than nothing!
Winslow Town Council is trying to reach the target of 100 objections in order to enable more residents to deliver submissions to the Development Management Committee on 23rd October. The sooner you send in your objection the better please.