Winslow Neighbourhood Plan
Now that the Plan has been approved by the community in the Referendum it must be 'made' by Aylesbury Vale District Council. This means that AVDC must make it part of the wider District Plan which they are currently developing. All planning applications within the Winslow Neighbourhood Area have to be considered against the policies of the WNP.

Gladman continued legal challenge
Gladman has already made it clear that they will continue to challenge the WNP and they are seeking a Judicial review of the making of the Plan, its examination and AVDC's decision to hold the Referendum. The Judicial Review hearing will take place in London on 11 and 12 December and AVDC's legal team has described Gladman's case as 'without merit'. However, that will not stop Gladman from trying! We will want another large showing of PINK in the public gallery!!

Little Horwood Road
Gladman has appealed against the refusal of its application for outline permission for 100 homes between Little Horwood Road and Shipton. The hearing will be at AVDC's Gateway offices in Aylesbury starting at 10am on 9th September and is expected to last for five days. AVDC and Winslow Town Council will be opposing the appeal and the status of the Neighbourhood Plan should mean that this appeal is refused. Members of the public are able to attend the Hearing and, may, at the Inspector’s discretion, be able to give their views. To make maximum impact, we need to co-ordinate what is said by Winslow residents; if you would like to speak, please e-mail your draft comments to our campaign address - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Again, we will want another large showing of PINK in the public gallery on 9 September and throughout the Public Inquiry.

Glebe Farm
The appeal against the refusal of this application was completed in May. Beacause of the Neighbourhood Plan the final decision will be made by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government and we expect to hear the result in late October. Obviously the fact that the Winslow Neighbourhood Plan has been completed since the appeal will influence the decision and we expect the appeal to be dismissed.