We did it - the “little” man beat the “bullying developer”.

Gladman lost its case to have an Injunction prohibiting the residents of Winslow exercising their democratic right to vote on
their Neighbourhood Plan.

And - for good measure - Mr Justice Stewart made a “costs award” against Gladman - so they will have to meet the legal costs of A.V.D.C. in defending this legal action!!

The vote will go ahead - as planned - on Thursday, 24 July - and we are looking forward to a huge turnout with a massive vote in favour of the Winslow Neighbourhood Plan. So please, get out there and finish the job; show Gladman that people-power really does work - WE will decide Winslow’s future - NOT them!! Please tell all of your friends and neighbours - be bold and WEAR PINK ON THURSDAY to remind all of our residents.

This legal decision - to stop developers injuncting votes against well-progressed Neighbourhood Plans will have a massive benefit for other councils around the country - including our friends in Stretton!!