Campaign Finances

Thanks to the amazing generosity of Winslow residents, the “fighting fund” reached nearly £2500!! Following our leaflet drop in August 2015 our expenditure to date has been just over £2000, leaving a current surplus of £466.

In November 2015 Gladman launched an Appeal against AVDC’s decision to refuse planning permission for Gladman’s 3rd application on the Glebe Farm site (GF3). Y4W will be participating in the Planning Inquiry into the GF3 decision, but at this stage we do not know how much – if any – further expenditure will be required to fight Gladman.

The Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan (VALP) is being worked on and it may well be that issues will arise out of that, or indeed from other sources, e.g. a developer, which we will need to campaign on.  We don't know if any financing would be required or not but feel it sensible to keep the balance of the fund available for the purposes of any financial outlay for campaigning or related issues that may be necessary. When the VALP is in force and there are no planning issues threatening Winslow then the remaining balance will be donated to worthy causes for the residents of Winslow.